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Thank you for the 'material'

1. We will be including part of your diatribe on our new web page called, 'Why Most Evolutionists Won't Debate Us.' We have enough 'material' from you now and are extremely appreciative for your participation.

2. Due to your utter (and admitted) lack of citing scientific research papers, you will no longer enjoy the benefit of spouting off your nonsense. I suspect that you might call this a 'fury' but, again, I am not the least bit interested in your opinion.

3. Interesting to note that now debating is called "trolling"! Excellent addition to 'quote-mining' and 'strawman' arguments.

4. In regard to your comment:
"All of your quotes are mined, and that's simply a fact."

Yes, we know that you prefer philosophy verses actually debating scientific research and empirical evidence. As said before, please consider this blog as it would be more to your liking:

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