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Wet Wet Wet 2015
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All Booked Up Now Marti Graeme, Neil & Tom

Hi Marti, Graeme, Neil and Tom

I am really looking forward all booked up, thank god I had my flexiable friend my Mastercard. I were a bit naughty booking these tickets whilst at work lol.

Julie and I both looking forward to it on May 20th. unfortunately like last time, straight from work just like we did when we came to LH2 in 2013, just reaching just before 19:30. I just can't get anytime off or get half day. So will have to rush and catch the express train to get quicker into London that day. Julie also unable to book time off. We hope to reach the show in time. I am sure we will, I make sure I swap my high stiletto shoes to flat shoes so we can run, because it will also be rush hour, shall be fun lol.

Lots of Love Hugs and Kisses
Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx