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Aladdin/Peter Pan (Marti Pellow) Panto
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Aladdin Next Week

Hey Marti

Has next week approaches, the girls are getting excited. It looks only 5 of us will attend Aladdin show but there will be 8 of us at the Hotel. We did originally buy 7 tickets but only 5 of us attending the eldest does not want to do the show. So my mum decided not to do the show. But will be in Birmingham our oldest swinger in town.

We arrive December 18tth doing the show Saturday December 19th.

Ere we come Marti looking forward lol. We are in Birmingham for a few days. Plus Paul is coming and my sis u met her before lol , remember she came flying out the door at the Hotel during Jekll and Hyde.

See you next week.

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx[:D][:D][:)][:-)]

Re: Aladdin Next Week

Enjoy Karen Marie, I am sure you will. I bet the kids are well excited to see Aladdin. Those 2 extra tickets you had, do you still have them, as your girl does not want to go now and your mum decided also to stay back at the Hotel. Please let me know, if you have sold them yet.

Love 'n'Hugs

Emma & Family xxxx