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Aladdin/Peter Pan (Marti Pellow) Panto
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Fantastic Night Marti

Hi Marti

Me the girls, my sister and her girl, and my mum enjoyed tonight.

It was a spectacular show, so wish I was doing more. If u were a n the Milton Keynes Aladdin I would've done more.

This has turned out, to be a very expensive weekend. We turned up last night and go home Monday evening. But u know it's worth it having my part of my family with me 4 of the kids plus my sister and her kid, plus my old man and mum too.

Shall be shopping at the BullRing tomorrow.

Thanks once again for a fantastic performance this evening. We couldn't get the early show for today or tomorrow all sold out on the stalls plus there were odd seats when I was booking the tickets in May. Saturday night December 19th, were the only ones with decent tickets in the stall together.

Hopefully I should see you before heading off home on Monday, as I have a Christmas present for you.

Night night!

Lots Of Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz ( Administrator) xx