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The Solihull Festival With Marti


I am just hoping they will not be a problem me bringing food in and taking a drink in with me to the festival as I do get a sugar rush now and again, because I am a diabetic, I need to be extra careful, as my pancreas is not functioning properly and not get enough insulin, I could slip into a coma.... I felt dizzy quite a few times and my sugar levels were low - I have all the necessary card and diabetic kit to show with my insulin etc.....

This is also why I kept fainting which was one of the reasons, but it took medical experts to 2019 to figure out that it could be diabetes then finally I went on to treatment after several months, at first I kept getting told it Is my blood condition causing my collapse or my blood pressure...

Here it is:

Stay Safe .......

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx