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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Not What I Wanted To Know Today Please Read I Am Still In Shock

Good Eveing

I had my Diabetic results explained to me today, and one of the results shows my kidney is badly leaking, which can eventually lead to renal failure in time to come..... It is worrying me now as my dad passed away with renal failure 14 years ago,,,,

At the apponintment today, the diabetic nurse told me I am doing well with my diabeties, it is just my leaky kidney thats the problem and concering..... I would not need to go on dyialsis until years to come, or have a transplant yet....At my appointment today, they said to come back in September for a review and have further blood tests and urine test...... Then after I got home I received a call from my GP Surgery to say I need come for blood test on May 28th due to family history of renal failure..... I will keep everyone posted......

I was told also if I feel low that could be my sugar levels drop, that could be start of a hypo I need someyhing s fizzy drink or a sweet and eat on time, and medication on time. never forget the insulin.......

All Stay Safe......

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx