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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Good Morning

This message is to say, that ppl are blocked from veiwing my Facebook and Twitter and blocked on Instagram too...... It is due to unforeseen circumstances...... It is blocked for obvious reasons to some ppl..... No one as done anything at all wrong, this is just a courtsey message, so do not take it the wrong way...... It is just I have underline health, and have been so poorly since May 26th, my treatment as temporialy stopped until I have had my emergency CT Scan, and my blood tests are back this week, and seen the Diabetic doctor this week......... My referral was done on Thursday for the Diabetic clinic which is next year, my emergency CT Scan was urgent referral , so the CT Scan will be anytime now with Dye.......Hopefully my treatment will start up again as soon as I have a CT Scan and my blood results are back, when my treatment were stopped Thursday June 3rd 2021, due to concerns of my blood levels dropping as low to 1.3 on Wednesday night, close to hypo and seizure episodes.....It has dropped 3 times insides one week, but Wednesday night were my lowest, so I am worried at the minute, my family as said to stay calm to see why it is happening, I have very supportive friends out there too, so a big thank u to all my Marti and Wet mates and non marti and Wet mates......But when my treatment stopped Thursday my levels after lunch were 2,3 then in the evening after dinner it were 12,7 then last reading were 11.5 as I am not receiving the treatment at the moment,,,,,,

It is very scary moment when I became very weak Wednesday night, paramedics were wanting to take me to hospital but I refused..... They got me to safe levels 5,2...... I got told off by the doctor on Thursday, that next time if I get close to hypo or seizure levels I must never decline to go to hospital..... One of the kids waited up to see if I were ok, they refused to go to bed, I said I am not alone, but they wanted to make sure I were ok, Paramedics checked my levels a few times it were 5.2 then it went back down to 3.8 then they got it to 4,7, by giving me a sugary sweet.......

No one is to take personlly, if I have posted this up saying, I do not want rumours from others who are not connected to me on social media......

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx