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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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The Festival- Marti

Hey Good Morning

I only found out last nite, thanks to a really good friend, and I text my other friend who is also going to the festival…..

Just to give the heads up - The Festival as been rescheduled to September with a confirmation of Marti playing September festival is still happening this year - Tickets are being transferred - Anyone who were originally going those tickets will be transferred Marti has been confirmed to play not sure if it’s September 11th or 12th, more in detail will be on Monday of what day each artist is playing, but the good news that Marti is still playing…… Because Billy Ocean, Kool And The Kang and Belinda Carlisle cannot make September, so they will be at the Festival in 2022……

Apparently it were rescheduled on Tuesday after the government announcement on Monday…. o only emailed the festival on Monday to see when the tickets were coming and the original dates were still scheduled……

Well the tickets will be sent by email for the event, 3 weeks prior to the event…..

I hope this is not a disappointment, we will be going away as planned in July anyway, so no loss to me it is just a matter booking accommodation again for September……

The Festival is still happening that is the main thing…..

I do not mind it changing, and we still get to go away in July as well as September,lucky to have money to do this getaway, need a break anyway, after I have been so poorly…..

I know a lot are disappointed, but it cannot be helped plus u will need to be double jabbed anyway…..

All have a good weekend, sorry it were good news, as I heard one person cannot make September, but these things happens, and I will say time and time again, ppl also need to be double jabbed otherwise it prevents u having freedom.

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx