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Re: Newsflash - Marti Pellow Update Just In - Please Read September 22nd 2021

Good Morning

The Gateshead date still not selling good tickets at the moment , all towards back of level 1 and level 2 were selling Row EE level 2.,,,.. I checked again this morning, I will keep trying to get good tickets….. I am doing Inverness prior to Gateshead, I were thinking about Cambridge as that is closer to me but will be nice to go Gateshead and maybe travel directly from Inverness as we are travelling by road……

So many exciting times ahead, I really cannot wait…. In November doing Aberdeen, Liverpool and Northampton, then April doing Inverness and planning to book Gateshead once decent tickets are selling……Yay live music is back……

I am so glad, I went to see Marti at the Solihull Summer Festival 2021.,…..

No Panto or musical theatre for Marti this year, maybe 2022,,,.. But at least he is 26 dates covering 2021 and 2022,,….

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator ) xx