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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Hey Good Evening

I have come across some really negative posts, on the fan group for Wet Wet Wet ,…….. it is really not fair and to why they had to cancel,…… There is a possible various valid reasons they had to pull out.,,, Could the type of package they had they were doing a meet a greet with a photo shoot, or lack of ticket sales….. Marti Pellow were overlapping with Wet Wet Wet on tour, but it is what it is these things happens…..

I love Wet Wet Wet and Marti why have a slanging match among fans, u all supposed to be loyal fans….. I know everyone is devastated by the announcement this week by Wet Wet Wet agreement to drop the tour, but it were a very tough decision it is not easy with their partners who were involved.,,,..

Both Marti and Wet Wet Wet with Kevin Simms, will get my support 100 per cent …..

I hate negative posts, ppl need to be kind otherwise those negative posting behaviour will get out of hand……

I were looking forward for the VIP treatment but I do not go kicking off.,… Wet Wet Wet are devastated already as it is, but they had to make the right choice.,… I know a lot of ppl lost money on travel and accommodation, I can see where I all coming from no doubt, but it was not easy for Wet Wet Wet.,….

Yes in my opinion, ppl should be banned for rude negative comments……

Wet Wet Wet will be back in 2022.,…

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator ) xx