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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Re: Update

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator )
Good Evening

My emergency CT Scam and Contrast, appointment is through.,, It is next Tuesday 18:20pm.,,This is a full body scan, because of my recent hypo episodes, tremendous weight loss and recent immune system condition…..Plus my kidneys was not functioning correctly either.,.. I got treatment both for my kidneys and my immune system condition…..

So far I am responding to treatment nicely……

Carers and district nurses came for 6 weeks I stopped them from this week,…They were going to continue permanently, as carers and district are private at £16.00 an hour, but I were nurse back to health and health fully monitored,,.. Besides I am a very independent lady, I am not struggling to walk although I am on crutches still my legs are weak but a lot better ,,,..After a long consideration, I said I feel confident I feel better than ever…..Even though there is 5 year remission to reach still, I just pray I do not have a relapse….
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