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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Re: Marti Pellow Tickets Bought Through Ticketmster

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator )
Hey Good Morning

Just a quick announcement if the original buyer from May as not come forward yet to take on my spare Marti Pellow tickets for Aberdeen, this will be resold as I can’t remember ur name and I am finding it very difficult to locate the original buyer plus Aberdeen as sold out ,so if u don’t have tickets I have spare ones they are in the stalls the cut off date is October 31st for the original buyer to contact me by October 31st as they will be resold on November 1st….. As time nears I might have no choice to resell them….. Sorry for any inconvenience, I have been right through my messenger and I can’t locate the original buyer I last contacted the buyer in August after I came out of hospital saying I haven’t forgotten u…. But it seems one of the kids must of deleted the conversations by mistake as the little one always got my phone and I can’t remember the buyers name I should’ve noted it really but I had so much going on health wise so had a lot of worries - So can the original buyer private message it would be most appreciated …..

The cut of date is definitely October 31st fir the original buyer to come forward, before I resell them a week tomorrow which is November 1st….

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx

Hey Good Evening

I have an update!

But read until the end of the post thank u…..

This is the original post from May 13 2021, then updated yesterday, to resell the tickets but there is no need now……

Tickets have become available again October 25th 2021 for Marti Pellow spare tickets for November 11th Aberdeen - I have decided to resell them as time is nearing now and original buyer as not contacted me and not paid yet so decided to resell today October 25th rather than next week as time is nearing- I Have 2 spare tickets for Aberdeen as my ma brought tickets too for Aberdeen also they are located in the stalls Row AA paid £76.45 but will take £60.00 to £55.00 for both tickets on first come first serve basis only, and need to be paid via bank transfer private message me if interested don’t transfer the money now until the tickets arrive to me once they arrive I will message the person who is buying them my bank details then I will need the buyers address I brought the tickets via Ticketmaster - As I can see some have been struggling to get tickets for Marti Pellow today normally Ticketmaster sends tickets early unlike Gigantic tickets once I have the tickets u can meet me in Aberdeen it will be sold to the first come first served tickets I am willing to accept £60.00 to £55.00 please private message me if interested as show is nearing if u haven’t got tickets for Aberdeen it is sold out I have spare tickets in the stalls to see Marti Pellow on November 11th I look forward to ur response…..

SOLD I have 2 spare tickets in RowAA in the stalls for Aberdeen November 11th 2021 plse contact me TY…..But now I can confirm the sale of the tickets have been sold to a lovely lady….

I have sold the tickets to the original buyer, they managed to contact me in the end….. Sorry if I got anyones hopes up that there were chance the tickets were up for sale again.,…I we’re going to resell them by November 1st if not heard from the buyer as I could not remember the buyers but luckily enough the buyer contacted me this morning…..As I decided to resell the tickets a week before the cut off date so I posted it out for sale yesterday - But I heard from the buyer this morning, they had not paid yet but the ticket is theirs? So marked as sold now,…

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx