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2021 Please Read


This year as not been a good year at all…. Since the start of the year I became ill with less air in my right lung, I had to go to hospital for by ambulance to get an emergency X-ray….I had a nebuliser….Then mid January, I became so ill paramedics had to be called, where I had to go on a drip but refused to stay in hospital for a 2nd time…. I had an urgent X-ray , then got referred to the surgeons, and to have an emergency ultrasound…. My kidneys and liver are impacted, in which further appointments were made for a pre op twice but now on hold due to backlog….

Then May this year, I began suffering from hypos low blood sugar although I ate on time…. Then the dramatic weight loss…. I we’re so close to a diabetic seizures or coma with my blood sugars dropping low as 0.1 which is very dangerously low although I am having treatment ….Paramedics came out several times got me to safe levels but I kept declining the hospital……Then my treatment were paused for a week an emergency CT Scan with contrast we’re arranged, I even we’ve further downhill, when finally I we’re taken to hospital on July 15th as I stopped eating was not passing water regularly it were becoming a concern for my family and me. But prior to go to hospital 2 days before, I had a full blood count, they were a few concerns I declined hospital until 2 days later when I were so ill after visiting my GP, I was told need to be attending hospital now, where my GP did a letter with all my conditions, I were so poorly and I did not want to eat with a slight temperature…

I went to A&E , I were put down as priority, within no time health check is done, likes of temperature next thing they took blood before I know it, I were put on a drip seen by a doctor - Next thing I knew i was getting admitted into hospital on July 15th 2021 where I spent 4 weeks, had a blood test everyday to check my levels, I had 2 biopsys 2 procedures, I had a bad infection my kidneys in a bad way plus I we’re diagnosed on top of everything else with Bullous Pemphigoid immune system problem….. it is treated like cancer it will take me 5 years to reach remission, I hope do not suffer a relapse…. It is life threatening, there is another version which is fatal and dangerous with no survival rate, the version I have is the common version with a survival without relapsing, it is so scary and I am having treatment and closely monitored…. With everything else on my COPD I am a diabetic got renal problems (Kidneys) in which I will end up on dialysis in time to come ….I am getting treatment for my kidneys also…. My father passed away with renal problems nearly 15 years ago next April makes 15 years….

It is all very scary, all as I can do smile and get on with life.,… I am recovering well too….

I have an upcoming appointment on December 16th, this in regards to my recent diagnoses of this condition for my immune system…..My my diabetic clinic appointment as now been moved from December 23rd to Feb 10th instead…..

I just want to come out of 2021, life is so cruel….

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx