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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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I we’re out Christmas shopping yesterday, getting last minute stuff for the kids…. Our shopping centre is all indoors and mask wearing is mandatory but are ppl listening NO……I understand if they are lanyard stating they cannot wear a mask……A lot infact the majority had no mask young and old, coughing a lot too….

Although I have a lanyard, but I wore my mask because of the new variant, I am only double jabbed…… I keep receiving emails to book out of the area and go far as Birmingham for my booster which is due now….. I refused to travel 1hour and 20mins I have been doing that traveling all over country during the last 6 weeks so no more traveling until next year …..

In the end I called my GP surgery , they advised me to go to the walk-in centre at Saxon Court , where I had my both covid jabs at Oakridge there are no clinics on at all…..

I think the law should come into place, for ppl who refuses to wear a mask or refuse a jab should be fined for their doings , that’s the only way COVID will go …. Its gonna be lingering around for at least a few years more to what I have heard, ppl need be vigilant and play their part…..

It is very dangerous if I get covid with all my underlying health , it will be lethal for me… Schools should go back to home schooling until least end of January, until variant is under control as well as covid…. Its mainly schools and unvaccinated ppl getting covid….. Touch wood so far not caught it but the kids have had covid, it was a very scary time…….

All stay safe…..

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx