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Update December 13th 2021

Hey Good Evening

I had my booster this morning, I had the Morderna booster and I had AstraZeneca for Covid vaccination in February and May ….

This new variant Omicron is more transmissible than the Delta variant……..

But I am fully protected now, 2 of the kids are sorted in my family our Mia is getting booked in for her first jab she is 15 ….. My nephews 12 and 13 had their first jab one had theirs on October 23rd and one had it November 12th…Millie I’d also triple jabbed she is 17….. I know there still trials happening but the most important thing is to save them from Covid and getting it really bad - The kids had Covid and it was really scary but thankfully they weren’t hospitalised - Although the percentage is low on kids getting Covid really bad and not surviving is the worrying bit… We will not take that chance at all….

I do not listen to rumours, to what other ppl think of the vaccination……We do not want to limit ourselves to daily life or holidays or entertainment…. I know it’s human rights to what they decide on…. But on Wednesday they are announcing the covid passports for Pubs Nightclubs Restaurants Music Venues Sporting Events and Holidays …. So we will see the announcement on Wednesday…..

Stay safe all especially if u not had ur booster yet to protect urself or unvaccinated ppl …. I heard this variant is lethal….

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx

Re: Update December 13th 2021


Sorry I meant to say has had all 3 jabs, I made a slight typing error, me typing way too fast lol …..

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx