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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Who Is Ready For Christmas


I have finished all my Christmas shopping we started in October…..

Only got 7 presents to wrap now , one of the presents arrive tomorrow, 2 arrived on Saturday one got wrapped that arrived plus the pets presents and got wrapped before our Danielle came on Saturday with the grand babies… The other 8 presents arriving Friday….The rest of the gifts are wrapped up, I spent loads ….

Already done 2 big shops in advance with M&S and Tesco’s already booked slots for them the earliest slots are 19th and 20th most of it frozen just a few fresh bits but I will check the dates on them and put them in the freezer that’s what I normally do on normal food shopping…. We will start celebrations of Christmas from December 22nd through to December 27th with family on December 23rd we are doing a family and friends Christmas meal at a country family pub next to the farm with open fires we had to pre book as they are so many of us so they’ve putting on big tables - When we went Bistro Live we were all sat together…..But we have ail been vaccinated apart one of the grand babies who is 7 our Cadie who is 11 our Jayden who is 8 or my 2 nieces who are 11 and 9……

All stay safe ….

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator ) xx