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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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What Can I Say !

Hey Good Evening

It is rumored that there will be a lockdown, from January 5th 2022 throughout January only….. We’ve not heard from the horses mouth yet, as we’ve been out this evening, there were no mentions yet on News At 10 , but heard rumors , do not quote me on it until it is confirmed……..

But I heard from so many ppl I know, a lot of this is caused by unvaccinated ppl, if ppl abide the rules wear their masks when told too, and take the vaccination, COVID will eventually disappear into a black hole, a lot are not taking it seriously…..We gonna try get our Mia vaccinated tomorrow as she missed her slot at school she can only have the Pfizer as she is only 15. …… I had to go to the vaccination centre as there were no clinic on at Oakridge Medical Centre where I had both my vaccinations done…..

My booster were the Moderna my covid vaccinations were AstraZenca…..Had an achy arm yesterday and this morning, but the ache as gone now, after I took a pain killer……

Come on it is almost 2 years since COVID arrived in the UK……. COVID needs to disappear for good, please follow rules such as wear ur mask take the vaccination when invited…..

All stay safe……..And have a very safe Christmas and New Year ……

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx