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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Good Evening Please Read

Good Evening

There had been a delay of the figures today….But here they are as follows and is all accurate and best to my knowledge……

The UK as super passed it’s record number of daily reported COVID cases ….Here it is for the 3rd consecutive day in a row , further 189,213 cases recorded….

The figure topped 100,000 on December 22nd and has stayed above ….It has been rising above 180,000…..

It were said tonight on the earlier news, Omicron is mainly effecting the non fully Vaccinated ppl
and the unvaccinated ppl….. Ppl need to take the vaccination as soon as possible if not vaccinated, and if not had the Booster that gives it even better protection……I have had all 3 vaccination, my family have taken the vaccination, e know what’s best…..

In Thursday’s data update all 4 nations reported the highest ever daily figures - I believe Omicron is mild but transmissible…….

The total includes reported figures for Wales over 2 days……

A further 332 ppl, have passed away within 28 days of testing positive .,…..The highest daily increase since March ….The figure includes hospital back logs including December 24th to December 29th….The national statistics show now they’ve been 174.000 deaths registered in the UK with Death Certificate …..

England reported a 146.604 cases, an increase to previous rise of 138.287, plus 317 deaths confirmed…….

Scotland reported on Thursday in Scotland reached their highest on record at 16.857..,..Scotland they had been 9 deaths….

Omicron is very infectious ….. A booster will significant protection, and prevent u getting extremely ill……

Wales reported 21.051 super passing the previous highest figure of 12.378 …..I don’t know the death figures for Wales ….

Northern Ireland as reported the lowest cases of 4.701…..Plus 3 new deaths….

All information is correct to my knowledge and all accurate….. I take all the information in by logging it……

We have to know what’s going on around us….Let’s hope 2022 brings the whole world so much luck …….

Love Hugs And Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx