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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Marti 2022


All booked up and sorted for Marti’s tour….

One hotel I sorted once I booked Inverness in July, I actually made contact in late August to the accommodation, after I came out of hospital….. There had been a few misunderstandings along the way….. I had to re contact the Bed and Breakfast again November they had no booking for us, so I had to give dates again and give my long card number to reserve then said they will email me that we’re on November 1st I received nothing, I then called them and said I have had no email confirmation yet, they said I will get one, still nothing I called again December they told me not to worry they will email me …., I let Christmas pass, then finally yesterday I called they had no booking for us nothing logged in the diary…. I re gave my card number again as they asked for it again then saying I have to either pay in full or deposit but it’s unrefunable, I said I am booking direct with yourselves and not via Booking.com ….So I ended the call , and thought that’s strange I have never had to do that if booking direct and securing the booking with my card…. Anyway I called back again yesterday and said I am a bit baffled ,I have given my card details 3 times now since August, and I am worried that will be travelling all the way from Milton Keynes to find no booking at all no confirmation, eventually I spoke to someone else at the Bed and Breakfast who took my name and mobile number and they will check the diary again, the lady called me back said no booking at all said they will take the dates again, and even though I will be securing the booking with my card they still wanted full payment or half payment in the end I agreed to pay half payment, then she took my home address and email too - Then part payment were made then text me the receipt as proof - Then I learnt the couple running the B&B are old and not familiar with technology, so it must of been a daughter or daughter in law who helped out with with the booking phew thank god I sorted it…. I couldn’t get through to the original B&B I stayed at in 2017 back in August, I were going to try the place I stayed before if I got no where with current accommodation yesterday but once deposit was taken it has secured the booking now…. Previously I only use to reserve with my card had pay on arrival only - The only time I have paid up front if booked via booking.com …..

The other 3 accommodations we so easy to book with card to secure booking only….

I we’re getting frustrated at one point as I have given my card details 3 times but altogether in all 4 times when I finally I got a different lady on the phone they understood me that I was trying to book with them in Inverness….I spoke slowly as I could on several occasions since August but finally got there in the end yesterday afternoon…..

I can relax now and wait for April…..

Well I will sign off now take care….

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx