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Marti Pellow and Wet Wet Wet Biography 1982 to 2022

Hey Good Evening

Here is a biography of Marti and TheWets that will also have a mention of ex Liberty X singer and winner of the Voice 2016…..

Enjoy the story :

Wet Wet Wet biography and Marti Pellow biography (1982-2022) …..

A band of 4 Scottish friends called Wet Wet Wet after achieving a moderate success with their 1st 3 albums, release a single that takes them to No. 1 for months, but the spotlight is only on singer Marti Pellow, which will change their lives forever……..

The main theme Love Is All Around of the movie ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral‘, is an exceptional love song, which conquered the whole world in the 90s, and spent 15 weeks at the top of the U.K. chart, and remember rightly that it we’re No 1 in 16 countries……

Wet Wet Wet The Journey:

In 2021 Wet Wet Wet releases new album, with new singer, Kevin Simm. They present it with ‘Back to Memphins‘.…..

Marti Pellow Stargazer:

Former Wet Wet Wet singer Marti Pellow has an extensive solo career, to which he added a new album in 2021, presented with ‘These are the days‘.…..

Wet Wet Wet & Marti Pellow:

Name: The band started out as Vortex Motion, but soon changed its name to Wet Wet Wet. It was formed by Graeme Clark, Tommy Cunningham, Neil Mitchell and vocalist Mark McLachlan, whose stage name is Marti Pellow…….

Year: The band was founded in 1982, the year Marti Pellow turned 17 (he was born in 1965).….

Original Members: Marti Pellow (singer), Tommy Cunningham (drums), Graeme Clark (bass) and Neil Mitchell (keyboards).

Current Members: Kevin Simm (singer), Tommy Cunningham (drums), Graeme Clark (bass) and Neil Mitchell (keyboards)

Discography: Marti Pellow has released 12 solo albums and 8 with Wet Wet Wet, which released a 9th album in 2021 with a new singer.

Wet Wet Wet website: wetwetwet.co.uk
Marti Pellow website: martipellowofficial.co.uk

I hope u all enjoyed this fantastic story of the best singer in the world, Marti Pellow and the best band in the world Wet Wet Wet …..

I would like to wish both the best of luck for the future …….

Both Marti and Kevin are really brilliant, I support them both…..

I don’t believe in negative attitude, I believe positive good attitude, those are my views and always be my views…..

Marti Pellow :

Wet Wet Wet:

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator)xx