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Very Lucky Please Read

Hey Good Evening

Last year my health took the turn for the worse….

Firstly my COPD were playing up, and I we’re getting less air on my right lung, my blood pressure were so high and low oxygen u had an X-ray and were out on steroids….

As we get to mid January last year, I began throwing up out of the blue 6 times, a paramedic was called I were taken to hospital, i went on a drip I had an X-ray they saw something on the X-ray , an urgent ultrasound was arranged and had to see a surgeon….. I was told my liver and kidneys are all impacted and surgery is required, I had a pre-op assessment in February because I had an outstanding X-ray for my lung, they had to re-arrange the pre-op assessment to March, after all that I was put on the waiting list due to pandemic…..

Then all my hypos began in May and June , then i was physically sick throwing up 14 times in the June , I was advised to log all my episodes, the reasons I were sick because my liver and kidneys are impacted, the hypos continues into July and throwing up again 12 days before I we’re finally admitted to hospital , my legs were becoming numb can hardly walk by early July. I was finally admitted into hospital on July 15th 2021….. The paramedics were called out several times but I kept telling them ok but I weren’t…

I we’re in hospital for 29 days, I had 2 biopsy’s went to the operating theatre twice, my kidneys were in a bad way…..I had an infection on top of that plus the hidden condition that doctors had to investigate- Then finally the results were through from my biopsy’s and blood tests checking the red cells, my condition were completely confirmed on top of my diabetes my kidney problems, my COPD and blood condition , the condition that were confirmed were Bullous Pemphigoid which is similar to cancer with a 5 year remission I basically have an immune system problem…… I have been closely monitored……I can have a relapse anytime…

I had one hypo since coming out of hospital only….

I have had 2 CT Scans my follow up appointment was cancelled for December 16th still waiting on new appointment the appointment that also had booked for December 23rd we’re rescheduled for February 10th, I have ultrasound urinary track on January 29th…..

I feel ok and I fight my illness everyday……

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx