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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Good Evening

This is to best of my knowledge and what I heard….

It’s shocking the Government are heading back to plan A , isolation cut down to 5 days instead of 7…. Apparently if ur negative by day 5 or 6 no longer to isolate…..Working from home stopped today….

But as from next Thursday Face masks, COVID passes will not be mandatory….Kids will not be safe in school without masks duh…. Cadie is 11 so she is not vaccinated against COVID yet , Mia only had one dose, but she now had COVID her 2nd dose will now be delayed….Plus our Kayla had COVID too she is only 11 not vaccinated yet ….

I know the mask wearing were scrapped on July 19th last year, whilst I we’re in hospital…. When I we’re in hospital as I we’re very ill, I we’re really afraid of catching COViD, I we’re only checked 4 times for COViD whilst I we’re in hospital ….Then I had oxygen problems 5 days before being discharged, I we’re rushed onto a nebulizer, and monitored through the night, as I got COPD kidney problems plus I am a diabetic too, plus I have another condition that’s life threatening very similar to cancer with a 5 year remission, plus bone problems such as back problems plus blood condition too…..It so much to handle, and with COVID around it’s pretty scary….

Even when it we’re scrapped in July , I still continued wearing a mask, someone said to me up town back in September, there is no need to wear a mask it’s not mandatory , I turned round and said I need too as I am vulnerable and have underline health, then they went oh I see….

Although I had a lanyard to wear, I still wear a mask in crowded spaces, the lanyard is for me to take a breather as I have COPD…

Now wait for this, as of March 24th u won’t need to isolate even if u have COVID….This what has been said……

Announcing the easing of Covid rules following a gruelling Prime Minister’s Questions……‘As they return to Plan A, the House of Commons will know that some measures still remain, including those on self-isolation…..

‘In particular, it is still a legal requirement for those who have tested positive for Covid to self-isolate…...

On Monday they reduced the isolation period to 5 full days with 2 negative tests, and there will soon come a time when theyvcan remove the legal requirement to self-isolate altogether, just as they don’t place legal obligations on ppl to isolate if they have flu only …….

As Covid becomes endemic they will need to replace legal requirements with advice and guidance, urging ppl with the virus to be careful and considerate of others……

The self-isolation regulations expire on March 24th, at which point doubt very much expect not to renew them……Indeed, were the data to allow, they like to seek a vote in this House of Commons to bring that date forward…… This is all correct to my knowledge to what I have been listening too…..

The Prime Minister also said restrictions on visits to care homes will be eased further, with Health Secretary setting out plans in the coming days…..

I say be sensible, continue wearing ur masks to protect urselves and others although they easing restrictions, it’s better to be safe than sorry, that’s my opinion anyway……

I am sick of COVID now that’s all we’ve been hearing for the last 2 years, I say be cautious think of loved ones, and take responsibility in what u feel is right, I think it’s far too soon to remove mask wearing anyway, social distance went too….Some places still got social distance in place, do what u feel is right, that’s all I can say …

Stay safe !

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx