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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Marti Not Long

Hey Marti

Not long now to the Spring shows, 7 weeks tomorrow, it all kicks off in Dublin…

So much exciting times ahead, I got Inverness booked, I might be having an alternative arrangements with the Iron Works, as I am on crutches since being struck down with a condition last summer… When I booked Inverness I booked standing, I didn’t know I will end up on crutches, I didn’t realise my condition was kicking in, as time went on I was finding it difficult to walk, not know my condition striking…

I spoken to the venue they will put me on the sheet, for alternative arrangements. I can just about walk without my crutches… It’s 5 years to remission, just like cancer….

I am still able to travel to Australia, but now had to book assistance at the airport too ….

But my treatment is working, I can still travel far, and I do go for short walks but I can’t do much, this illness as damaged the nerves near my spine… Plus I have leaking kidneys and I and I am a diabetic…. I we’re having so many hypos too….

Anyway I also I got Gateshead, Manchester and finally Birmingham….

See ye soon Marti, have a fantastic weekend…

Love Hugs And Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator ) xx