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Ironworks Inverness Review Marti April 16th 2022

Hey Good Evening Marti

What a spectacular night I thoroughly enjoyed it….. U were on top form too Marti I truly loved the show, I loved Jammin May You Never and many more…..

My mum passed on ur gifts from me. As I am on crutches, so unfortunately I couldn’t get it over to Paul this afternoon but my mamma did since my condition struck me last summer, I have been on crutches, and where I was hospitalized for 4 weeks last summer…

I hope u like the gifts ,and I put an hamper together for u….

I hope u like ur hat and the book I made for u…..

Here are some pics from tonight.,.

See ya at the next show ….

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx