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Forum Daily Post Added February 23rd 2020
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Good Morning Marti

On this day I was due to see ya in a jazz show, but it went all wrong , I had to give it to a fan free of charge including the meal the show and hotel all for free, as it were very short notice due to devastating news I received on this very sad morning the passing of my father….Which also forced me to cancel ur Gloucester show too on the May as we had not the funeral and plus I wouldn’t been able to enjoy as I were mourning my dads death, after losing his Ming battle against renal failure, I have renal problems too on top of all the illnesses I have. But my renal problems are controlled by medication, then I got worse in summer 2021, which now having to use crutches due to effecting my walking , but later in life I will probably need dialysis like my dad did , or maybe a kidney transplant, but I have other illnesses on top so it could be very risky at the same time and diabetic COPD plus my other condition similar to cancer….,So far I am doing well smiling through the horrific pain…

Please see below my tribute to my dad…

Today 15 years ago Daddy we loss u , it broke my heart that u were all alone, with no loved ones beside u as u took your last breath, it was so devastating receiving the phone call after 8am saying you’ve passed away , tears dropped upon my palm, as I wept for your loss I thought this shouldn’t be happening u should be here for us u saw 9 grandchildren u now have 15 grandchildren plus 4 great grandchildren 1 great granddaughter and 3 great grandson with one named after u, you’ve would’ve been so proud of them and glad that u were their granddad mine and my sisters daddy and my mammas husband for 39 years, at least u saw me just hit 40 8 weeks before your passing I love u so much daddy until we meet again,,,,.,,

This day I will never forget! Sleep tight daddy with my little sister Mandy ….

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx