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Marti Pellow’s Lockdown Sessions & Q&A’s

Good Evening

Marti decided to start his lockdown sessions on April 17th, after a fan fighting COVID-19 family requested Marti to sing a song. Within 2 days Marti appeared on social media again this time with Love Is All Around.

By day 3 Marti decided to start a Q&A for fans. That begun on April 22nd. April 21sr is where Marti did Angel Eyes for the Bankie Girls. Then future lockdown sessions came on April 23rd and April 24fh, on April 26th Olivers Army had started. Then further lockdown sessions continued. Marti did 68 lockdown sessions in all - with 14 episodes of the Q&A.

Marti helped us keep our spirits up during lockdown. Believe me it worked so thank u Marti.

I am sure u will read this.

Love Hugs and Kisses

Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx