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Marti Pellow's All Journey's within Musicials
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All Marti's Musicial Journey's Insides 12 Years

Hi All

Has 12 years on approaches when Marti, first took the part has Billy Flynn in Chicago. Since then Marti went onto Chess has the Arbiter , followed by Witches Of Eastwick, to Jekyll and Hyde, to Blood Brothers, to War Of The Worlds to Evita.

Heard rumours that a lot of people, would like to see Marti in Phantom Of The Opera. But even Joseph Technicolor Dreamcoat, is a good one too.

But we all know, Marti has something already lined up. Hopefully Marti should announce soon. Marti did say on Facebook, can't wait take us onto next musicial adventure.

Love Hugs and Kisses
Karen Marie DCruz (Administrator) xx