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Re: metro detroit ap group

Hello Joy!

I don't belong to the group that you were asking about, but I wanted to let you know about another AP group that meets in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties. We're called Attached At The Hip and have been around for just over a year now. For more info please go to our home page at http://www.egroup.com/groups/AttachedAtTheHip-MI

Warmly, Odrade (aka Tracy)

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My name is Joy, I am 25 , SAHM to a 3 year old girl, Greta, and a 6-month old boy, Mickey. I want to go to the AP meetings! Can someone give me some info??



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Congrats on the birth of your baby! Mothering a newborn can such an exhausting, exhilarating, scary, amazing time. And then yes, how do you go about finding the new friends that will support you in your new endevor? Where's the time? Where's the energy? Where are the weirdo moms that parent like you? They don't talk about this in the parenting classes, do they?

I live in (beautiful, historic) Romeo so it would be hard for me to be the friend around the corner for you. And yet each month I drive down "into the city" to meet with a group of amazing, wonderful women. For what? To talk about gentle parenting, about trusting our babies,about responding in loving ways to our children, about living and parenting a little differently than the mainstream. Our attachment parenting group has been a great source of encouragement to me.

Perhaps you might be interested in joining our group - Attachmenting Parenting Itl - Macomb county. We meet the fourth Friday morning of the month to talk about mothering. Some of us have infants, some have toddlers & some have slightly older children but all of us are interested in gentle parenting.

As a newly formed group we used to meet at our leader's home. Recently Cross Lutheran Church (on Utica Road , just south of 16 Mile) has agreed to allow us to use a room in their building.

Please e mail me if you're interested & I'll send you the appropriate info.

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