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Re: I've got so close to him


Thank you very much to you support. In ocasionas lik e this we need to share our experience with people that can undestand our feeling. My friends are happy too and the love RDJ, BRaziliam people loves him. Kwon him. And a lot of people got too sad in the hard times he lived. But it's quite difent to be in love with him for more than 20 years.

Now I'm living after the experience and I think it is impossible not to think "I should did this, Should dis that". But I think I did my best in that situation. I really have the personal exchange. He is amazing!!! And if you know wht is to ha ve this exchange, you know that it's better than a signature or picture ( eve i would love to have a picutre with him but there ware so many people, that i choose to be polited, and wait to the right time to talk with him. Des so smtar that he gave the same attetion to everyone.

And I can tell you proud of my people, we received very well, I think he was a litlle tired when he began to walk in the red carpet, but whem he came to us, I thin he could feel all the love people here feel for him. Older people, young peolpe, teens, child... everyone.

Now I need to get this wonderful moment to modify my though of whta is impossible.

I'm a professional actress. I work to the most imortant TV im Brazil and Iam used to work with great braziliam actors. (how I would like to ha ve professional with him)There are so many of excelent actor here and the TV produce too much shows e films. We are not that famous like hollywood actors, of course and movie in Brasil is reborning just now. So I'm preparing myself to get a space in brazilian movie, who knows it will be the link to work with Robert?

I'm goingo to improv my englih, make it perfect.

Thank you so much to replay. Thank you for your kind words. i need it. You know, sometimes I ask myself why Robert? Why not any other actor? But when I see him, the anser is so obvious, because Robert is Robert and it's enough.

Do you know how can post a picture in message board? I'm trying.

I don't have any picture with Robert, but the site published a picutre of me there. I'll try again.

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Re: I've got so close to him

You are most welcome Ana, so nice to exchange thoughts with you. Yes, Robert probably was tired but he loves his fans and always tries to say hello to as many as he has time for.
Check out the Encounters site here on DUF ....a few of my encounters with Robert are posted there with photos.

Have a wonderful day....

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Re: I've got so close to him

Ok Joyce,

I' m in my dead line to finish my thesis, so I could'nt came here frequently. Now I saw you reprlay, I'll you in the "encounters".

Unfortunately I didin´t take a photo whith him. Peopletold me that the security wouldn't permit. So I went to the premier thinking like this "He permit to take phtos of him, but not with him".

But at the end I've got teally happy beacuse there was a crowd screamming people, and inthe right moment Icould tell him "Love you since 80's" and looked me in my eyes and anwserd me a truly "Thank you". I think that it was agoodmoment for him to.

Of course I would like to have a photo with him.

I think "one thing is when you look a photo of a movie star and say 'He'shandsome'. Another thing completely diferent is to look to photo and fell something that you cannot describe". Thas what I fell like.

I very glad he's living great times. I wish of all my heart he keep on going this way better and better each day.

I pray for him.

i'll see you on the photo wiht him, maybe I've already seen, but now I'll know it's you.

See you.
Good Luck
be happy
and let's stay toghether for RDJ.

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Re: I've got so close to him

Wow, Ana, your dream came true in the end! I'm happy for you! All of us want to have this experience, to look into his eyes and talk to him... You are so lucky!

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Re: I've got so close to him

Yes, Christine.

If I'm not wrong you was the fist one to replay my desperate post, asking for some help.

Finally my drem came true, is so dificulte to believe it yet.

Robert is really, really nice.

I'very happy, but it's not so easy rise and shine on the days after.

I wake up an think "It's over"... So I get sad.

But people who had this experience are telling me that it's normal..

I'm working on a positive way, now that it very dificult dream, why not the others. For sure it is necessery to work day by day, and work hard, doing the best you can, giving the maximun... But then, tihngs happens and if not happens I think to try a lot make us strongher.

I prepared myself to work hard and not get it - becusa it was completely possible, but I prepared to be there too, to win, and I discovered that to beprepared to win is much more dificult than t be prepared to lost.

so i learned too much from this experience.

Thank you for your support, thank you for replay this post.

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Re: I've got so close to him

I am so happy for you!! t must have been amazing to be able to stand right next to him and be able to talk to him.

Also, try not to think of it as being over. Many people, including some people from these very forums, have met robert numerous times, this might just be a first of many encounters between the two of you!! And you said you were an actress, who knows, you could end up in one of his movies one day.

Congratulations again!!!

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Re: I've got so close to him

I am so happy for you!! t must have been amazing to be able to stand right next to him and be able to talk to him.

Also, try not to think of it as being over. Many people, including some people from these very forums, have met robert numerous times, this might just be a first of many encounters between the two of you!! And you said you were an actress, who knows, you could end up in one of his movies one day.

Congratulations again!!!


Thank yo so much for your kind words. I don't kwnow if have read another replay of mine... I think I did something wrong, because I just saw it's is not on this forum.

But what I told in this replay is that I have beem living bad day after this encouter, too much admiration and too much affection condensed in too litle time and words. I know, many of his fans haven't not even seem him personally. but I garantee you, it's not a easy thing do deal with on the day after. I think I'm in shock until now.

How I told you, I'm an actress in Brasil and I work for Globo TV, one of the most imortant in the Coutry, but I've beem acting very secondary characters. I'm not famous, I don't have money and I don't catch the eyes of press - that even if we don't want to admit make all diferece in our career. Since I knew the notice thar RDJ was caming to Rio, I worked every day out to get a invitation to the premier. I wrotte a bunch of emails trying someone to help me.

And when I was noticed that a won a ticket, I was prepared to make my dream come true by myself, in having nobody to helpe me. I mean somebody who could introduce me to RDJ as an actress.

So I prepared myself try hard and even that not get the ticket and i prepared myself to got the ticket and talk with him, to introduce myself, to ask someone from Downey the staff or even to him to keep my presentation card, with all my informations, my personal site, my scene inyou tube, my pictures in theater.

And I have putted a limit to my emotional health, I've decided not to stay in front of a hotel waintg for he coming to the balcony, with a lot of fan screaming by my side. Not because I think it's ridiculous or somethin like that, but only baause I know myself and it would be so painful to me. But, in the end, I got my ticket to the premier answering a site movie quetion "What would you be albe to do to see RDJ alive?". As I wrotte talles, cronics and so on, I wrottte a beautiful answer and got the ticket by myself.

I thought that this ticket wuold allowed me to enter in the VIP roon, but it gave us a place in the red carpet, where Robert did great, he was the best and he was so nice and espended so much time with fans that I really have got suprised. Me end the others fans were waiting for him just pass by quickly and let people take some photos. But he was more and more sweet than my imagination could ever think.

And in that situation I did my best, I really talk to him, he really listened to me, look at me, saw me and answered too honest and very kind looking into my eyes. It was really a dream... but I couldn't make my deepest desire come true. what I've have prepared my self to. I could not be in the place that a lot of my colleagues (actors) were. And I could not introduce myself to him as an actress. I could not let my preentation ards with him or with some people of the staff.

And believe me I prepare myself so intensively that if a Had the oportunity I would have done it. I was strong, I was not nervous or shine. I was prepared. I would have done it if I could.

I know it is to dream to high, I know this, and I'm not complainnig about what I got that day. But I didn't have time to prepare myself so have just some minutes of contact, since I knew the scheme the my ticket allowed me to have.

Now, I'm finishing my thesis in Phylosofy and I must be concentratead on it. Still that, I'm here answering you, 'cause I still need to talk with somebody about it.

Luck me, your words give me some hope. I think I'll not give it up. But I have to give a break to my heart and to my soul. Or I'll get sick. Can I make myself clear? can you understand that? See RDJ personally the way I saw was a too strong thing to me, on the other hand a little beat frustraitng, of course not ecause of him, but 'cause my limited situation.

Thank you agaim for your message. And I really hope this might just have beem tha fisrt time of many I meet him.

I've been wachting him since a long time ago, and I too happy cause he is living a very good time. He's great and he deserves it. My deepest desire is that he keep hinself on this way, getting better and better every day.

And I really hope God allows me to became a close person of him and his beautiful family, who knows work with him.

Brasiliam movie is back. It's is not easy to get a place in it , but, it's not impossible. and It could be a good beggining.

forgive me my poor english.

see you in the forum after finish my thesis.

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Re: I've got so close to him

Thanks for sharing this lovely event and your determination to meet Robert Downey Jr.And its very touchy ,I must say that you were indeed lucky to meet him face to face and even had a brief conversation.
I can only dream that...and i also know that it will remain a dream forever as i will not be so lucky to meet him,because i stay in India and i don't think Robert will ever come here and i don't have enough money to come to America to see him.
So i guess I just Have to Continue Dreaming.
I am his fan from 90s..i was a kid when i saw his movie
Well in India during 90s kids like me never get to see movies at all by our parents
So i remember very clearly...i literally had to beg my dad to see a movie in TV Let aside an English movie
So one day on 5th December 1994 one of my school friend invited me to her house for lunch,and there i for the first time saw an English movie and that movie was none other than Robert's "Heart & Souls"and after watching it i instantly fell for him...and from that day on i saw all the movies of him...and seriously my friends helped me a lot in getting those movies of his.

And from those days onwards i only dreamt and dreamt of meeting him.
If i ever get a chance.

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Re: I've got so close to him

OH, Nina! Your story is so sweet!
And "Heart & Souls" is the perfect 1st movie to fall in love with him!! It's one of my favorites!
Just remember that Robert does travel A LOT!! You never know when he might do a project that brings him to your country! Just keep dreaming! Maybe it will become a reality!

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Re: I've got so close to him


Thankz for those lovely words.And hope your prediction about HIM coming to India becomes true.
No matter where he lands in india i will rush there...just to see a glimpse of him.
best wishes

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Re: I've got so close to him

That's it Nina.

Keep positve. Life is possible. Every fan who lives very far from him may think like that "I'll never see him", but it's a too sad think to think. HAve you seen Dr Sues replay to you? We never now where Robert can travel to. We always feel like the most distant fan. I used to feel this way and now I 'm feelling this way again. But people in this forum always give me support. Today I read a replay to thi post (you may rea to) from Troy. Telling me people have encounter RDJ more than once.

Of course I know it's very difernt to live in USA that is his country and live abroad, like you and me in Brasil and India... But, I never though tha he could one day in life visit Brasil. So Why not India?

I wish you good lucky. Stay togheter in this site. It's a great support to fans.

Love this site
Love all of you
Love Downey Family... bigger today.

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Re: I've got so close to him

Ya Thankz Ana
Like i said i never stop dreaming...
and i will try my best to somehow reach him once in my life.And yes I pray to god that atleast once he comes to my country too.
Thankz a bunch on your support

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