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There's no place like Holmes!

An interview for CBC Canada with Robert & Noomi. I just love how Robert is so honest & open when he talks about what he's learned about making a sequel. He obviously gained some humility which I find lovely!

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Re: There's no place like Holmes!

Great interview Mona... thanks. Robert is so honest and down to earth and as you say, he allows his humility to show where as I think he used to try to keep it hidden at times. He is definitely the artist at work .... always looking for a better way.

I just watched The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo last night and I was so impressed with Noomi....wish she had had a stronger part in AGOS

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Re: There's no place like Holmes!

Oh, thanks for this! I love what Noomi said about them eating lunch in Robert's trailer.

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Re: There's no place like Holmes!

This is what I love about the environment Robert & Susan create when working with/for them.
There's a nice interview with her (and Joel Silver) where she talks a bit about the benefits of working together and the advantages that occur when one is an actor and the other a producer on the same movie:

"Personally it's fun because I get to hang out with him. If we weren't doing it together, and I was producing a movie that he wasn't on, it would just take so many hours away from each other. He's kind of my favorite person to hang out with so I get that. But from a professional standpoint, what it does is it closes a gap that sometimes exists, even with great relationships. I know Joel's had really strong relationships with talent in the past, but there is still this sort of (hierarchy) between actors and then the people behind the scenes, when you're actually in production. This closes that gap and it creates a short hand in general between the director, the producers, and the actors. It gets everybody more collaborative because (Robert) has a direct line to a certain degree. He doesn't have to know all the ins and outs of what we're dealing with from a production stand point. I don't want him to have to, A) worry about it or, B) there's just things he doesn't need to know about. But he does have better insight into why we're doing things that actors may otherwise be in the dark about or be frustrated about. Instead he understands the reason, and in the same respect, I probably get a quicker insight into what's going on with the actors. Whether it's purely about the mechanics of a day, or if there is something that's bothering one of them with their trailer, or their personal life, or something like that. I might have a little bit of a quicker insight into that, not that he's telling me stuff, but just because we're all in each other's faces so much more. Everybody communicates better and I think that really helps. Then from a character standpoint it helps because then they can talk a little bit freer about what they like to see have happen. I think it's really valuable in that regard because we talk a lot, and maybe other movies do, but it's not bull****. There is this very familial environment. We'll have lunch together every day with whoever's on the call sheet and that's very unusual. I think that does come from the connection of having a producer and an actor together like that. It brings everybody else together tighter."


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Re: There's no place like Holmes!

Hi Irae. Thanks so much for posting this, I haven't seen it before. It's really interesting. Danke!!

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