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Re: Re: No More Iron Holmes Please

I'm enjoying this conversation/debate, too :)

Yes, George Clooney does some awesome movies but Robert is just not there, yet. Eventually, he will move in Clooney's direction but I think that his films will still be quite different from the ones George makes. Clooney seems more the earnest type and Robert is quite the opposite. I'm not saying that he won't do serious projects (most of the already announced ones are not on the light side) but he'll always search for the fun element in movies as well - being in the movie itself or coming from the people who are involved with production, etc.
I suppose, money is not the issue anymore just finding the time to push some of his own projects. I guess that this will happen after IM3 finished filming. Maybe he takes a pause for the new baby but after that and before Sherlock Holmes 3 would be a good time to concentrate on stuff he has lying around for a while :)

@ Ray
Thanks for the info that you read it in some article - will try to find it.
May I ask why you felt patronised by the second Holmes movie? I mean, this is a really strong word and I'm sure that noone involved wanted to evoke such a feeling in any viewer.
I mean, they have to be careful to not make the character Holmes too foolish. Even though I laughed at the pony scene I could have done without and it doesn't really fit his persona. The 1. train scene could have been better executed, some scenes and line-delivery made me a bit cringe. All in all a bit too much.
But we shouldn't forget that it was Robert's idea to dress as a woman. And while I don't think this was a bad move (Holmes did this in the books as well), they could have made him a bit better looking. The end result just felt like it was there for comedic relief and I don't think this was actually intended regarding the looking part. Though I get why Robert thought it a good idea... Showing up dressed like that on Watson's honeymoon - kind of getting into competition with his new wife ;) And I really liked Mary's reaction to it - well acted!

I just read that Guy signed on for making a 3rd movie and they most probably will shoot in Hollywood. While they intended to move the story to America for the third installment right from the beginning when they made the first one, I really think that Robert is the main reason why they actually will shoot there. I mean, they could fake the US landscape of the 19th century as well as they did it with London, Paris, Germany and Switzerland while staying in GB. But I already had the feeling some months ago that they'll move the production to the US because of the new baby. They even said so in the article. Of course this could be a pleaded reason but I think Guy and the team would be happy to shoot in England - at least some parts of it. F. i. Guy is a father of a very young child as well - Jude has his family in London as well. But with this decision one can see how much influence Robert has nowadays and how close his relationship with the director is that he's willing to change the continent on which they will film on.
I hope that they'll be able to contain the Victorian mood and keep the main people behind the movie (costume & set designers for ex.) and that they won't mess with Holmes too much. Because somehow to me Holmes is connected with London very deeply and I have a hard time seeing him in the US (canonly he has never been there - at least it isn't mentioned).
But all in all I love their depiction of the books so much even though they aren't overall faithful.
When reading the books my main interest lies in the way HOW Holmes is able to solve the cases. When watching the movies my main interest lies IN Holmes HIMSELF (and his interaction with the people around him). Robert made the character so much more compelling to me.
Though I do hope that they will focus more on his brilliant mind next time and give the audience something to wonder about/solve as well. What fuels the hope is that Robert said in an interview that he likes to focus more on the mystery and crime-solving for the next one. After saving England, and now Europe he doesn't feel that they should go even bigger. Stepping a bit down and having something more private for the "only consulting detective" sounds nice to me :)

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