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Re: Re: No More Iron Holmes Please

Thank you for sharing the info on Guy Ritchie signing on for the next SH installment. I was glad to hear that Robert would like to focus more on mystery and crime solving in SH3. Rob, you got it right! That's exactly what the audience expect from the third movie. I also hope that there will more focus on Sherlock's powers of deduction and giving the audience something to solve. Like Ray, I don't want something predictable. The audience should be given something to guess/ wonder about. I don't want something bigger either. Just a story about a new case for the detective to solve. You said they had to be careful not to make the character too foolish. That's exactly what I was trying to tell you. I said Robert's Sherlock looked ridiculous with these silly disguises. As Robert says, SH is a 'weirdo'. I got that, but the character's eccentricity was exaggerated in the sequel. That's why I didn't like his interpretation of the detective this time. At least, it is toned down in the first movie. I hope it will be in the next movie. They should focus more on his brilliant mind than on his eccentricity. I expect to see a detective, not a clown. I don't mind the slow motion effects but Guy Ritchie shouldn't use them more than necessary.

Re: Re: No More Iron Holmes Please

As for the disguises, I wrote my opinion to that in the other thread about Sherlock Holmes 3 - don't want to repeat myself ;)

I think I'm kind of a fan of Ritchie's slow-mo. I really like how he uses it and it creates beautiful images.
Though I agree that he uses it in the second Holmes quite excessively and I can understand when this is a bit too much for some people.
Esp. the wood sequence is probably a love-or-hate thing.
When I saw it for the first time it nearly threw me off the movie but with the second view I started to enjoy it and now after watching this movie several more times I really appreciate this sequence as kind of a piece of art. Yes, it still makes the movie and the story stop (sometimes literally *g*) but the images that it creates in connection with the music stops my breath every single time. The only small gripe I have with it is the small part right after they all fight each other after "Little Hansel" put everyone to the ground. Or not how they fought, but more precisely how the camera moved during this. To me it feels to comical, but I'm sure that there are people who would argue against it as well :)
All in all I really loved the wood scene, how the canon is ripping apart tree after tree and the protagonists are nearly motionless, how the close-up of Moran shows his eagerness to get to them, how the bullet grazes Watson. One picture really got me already by the first viewing:

All I could think was that I really need the DVD so I can put it as my desktop background. Yesterday I found it on some website ( and guess how my desktop looks like now :)

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Re: No More Iron Holmes Please

Thank you Rocky, I didn't know how to express what you said. I really love Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, and for me Robert can continue doing this roles 10 years more.

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Re: No More Iron Holmes Please

That was a great post Rocky!

I have seen many interviews where Robert says he does not want to do an Art or more independent film at this point in time. He seemed happy to be doing Holmes and Ironman. I think just recently he said he would only stop doing them when people get completely sick of them lol.

Of course I never will! I love both movies, especially Sherlock Holmes (I loveEnglish accents,)

It's too bad Chaplin didn't gross more, I have seen it and think it was a great film.

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Re: No More Iron Holmes Please

It's great to have the film maker's POV, Rocky. I will add that the Team-Downey projects all look very exciting so in addition to the franchises we will be seeing him in projects he developed himself and has passion for. If Robert's happy I'm happy.

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Re: No More Iron Holmes Please

Thank you Rocky for your post. You said it all and as Judy said, from your POV as a film maker. His endless and unlimited talent allow him the leeway to do any role he desires, successfully. Robert really wanted to do IM ..... he's had that desire since childhood I'm sure. No one else could possibly have been Tony Stark/Iron Man. He made that role his very own.

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Re: No More Iron Holmes Please

I'm kind of torn on this one. I love this actor so much but I must stay that I really hated Sherlock Holmes 2. The story was totally lame, action too. Sick of Guy Ritchies slow-mo plus this whole Holmes- Watson thing is just way too much for my taste. Iron Man on the other hand, I LOVED the first one, the second one was a BIG disappointment. The third one I’m looking forward too just because it’s Shane Black. I know he’s probably stuck with the contract that says he has to do 3 of these and Avengers but then I would really like him to stop with the Iron Man movies. Three is enough, also enough with the Sherlock Holmes too, or at least take a break for a couple of years on that one. I feel like there’s a ton of things he could do out there that’s interesting and can still make money. It doesn’t have to be small artsy or big blockbuster stuff all the time. Not every small artsy film he did was good anyway. Soloist for example I thought was awful. I think he just needs to find the right balance. I’m really excited about some of the project that he and Susan have announced for their company (Yucatan, Emergency, Accidental Genius, USS Indianapolis). I just don’t want to see Iron Man 6 or Sherlock Holmes 13 get made. Look at someone like Christian Bale. He did three Batman movies and now he says he’s done with it. He needs to say goodbye to Tony and Sherlock and go explore other things.

Re: No More Iron Holmes Please

After skimming through 3 threads with this same conversation, I must implore all of you: Pick your Battles. This is ridiculous.

Go outside, get some air and please, let it go!

Re: No More Iron Holmes Please

Ha...Please Keep the Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes films coming! Keep doing the projects in between that you see fit Robert.

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