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Re: Important Announcement from the Owners of DUF

I am sad but it will be a good bye. Seeing the direction this board was taking I worried this would happen, but I was hoping things would calm down and that I still could enjoy my visits to DU. I first thought to not post after this "owners" post but seeing everybody agreeing I decided that, at least someone express her personal feelings even (or because) they are not in the same way.
It seems that I am the only one around to feel that the "owners" post is so unpleasant and unwelcoming. It clearly express that persons who come here not to show their "celebration" in the SAME way than theirs have not anymore their place on DU and would be not "tolerated". Sorry, but this is so narrow-mind and goes against what DU had been along the years, a very tolerant and open place where everyone caring about Downey could come whatever their degree of "devotion" was.
I didn't see the problem that some posters "dare" to discuss and confront views and thoughts on a movie( come on it is only a movie!). I thought it was normal to have personal thoughts and to share them here. I even find it interesting and I read these threads with curiosity and attention. It is so refreshing to read discussion between mature people who have ideas/opinions/arguments. But, it had been take as a crime, an offense to RDJ to even dislike one of his movie!!! And the "owners" decide to call this negative and to ban debate if they don't go on their way! Some poster even talk about "cleaning" the "troll". So who are the "rude" persons here, where is the hostility? The ones who only want to debate or the ones who ban and bash them? Does this board would be only about "so essential" subjects than competing on how many RDJ pictures you have or how many times you see a movie, or the adventures on the new Iphone of another? Does the only vocabulary allowed should only be "awesome" "fantastic" "great" and not to forget the indispensable "cannot wait". You see what shocked me a lot more than people arguing about a movie is when someone start a post by "OUR" baby speaking about the future Downey baby, I feel it is very disrespectful to RDJ, that is what is intolerable to me.

I have been a follower to DU since 2003 (nearly 10 years now!) and if I rarely posted I came quite every day. I had a great time coming to DU and I have so good memories of all this years. I was so pleased by the good spirit and the high standard Susanne & Susan kept to this place. I don't remember them banning any discussion unless it would be offending to RDJ private person and I don't remember Susanne being so threatening and harsh than the new administrator toward posters. Quite opposite, I always praised their open mind and tolerance. DU had been a friendly community where people express their support, admiration, affection, whatever you call it, to Downey but with so much kindness, sense of humor and above all dignity and respect. They success to make of DU a special place that was not a "usual" fan site, far away from frantic or exhilarated behaviors and that why I came and stay around. But this time is over.
One last thing, it looks that many newcomers don't know that this site had been created by Suzanne & Susan and all the credit of what you find on DU goes to them, and I thank them a last time for their wonderful job, they were the true hearth of DU.
This post is a way too long, I know, but DU had been a little secret place to me all this years, and I am a little disenchanted and sad.
Okay, move on ! It is time to leave and to let you, guys, just among yourselves, as you seem so must prefer.
Au revoir

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