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Re: Important Announcement from the Owners of DUF

Quote: GinaB(admin/moderator)
Quote: Christine
Hello, everyone!
I agree with the majority: there shouldn't be so much argumentative and negative posts! The magic of this site for me has always been that everybody is so kind to each other and so respectful to Robert, besides, of course the tons and tons of information on his work. This topic about AGOS had been interesting at first, but after a while it became tiresome and made me really uncomfortable to read so many negative opinions, repeated SO MANY TIMES! Honestly, we are here to celebrate RDJ's work, not to hate it! If you didn't like it, say so, but don't bore us with it again and again! Don't ruin the joy of the others! It's sad that some people feel that they should leave, DrSues and Gina just want peace on their site, I think.

Christine, PERFECT! I couldn't have said it better or more eloquently. If anyone wants to know how I felt about all this drama here on DUF, then there it is in a nutshell. I could have elaborated MANY times but chose to let it ride in hopes it wouldnt require me to speak up. It's all we want is for this site to continue on as it always has, with respect full circle for Robert and all of you who join us here on our Forum. Thank you Christine, you totally made my day turn from sadness to pure joy... Xoxo

Thank you, Gina for the compliment! You know, it made my day, too, because I've never been confident enough about my English. And you are welcome!

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