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Re: Important Announcement from the Owners of DUF

Quote: RmcN
Hi all. I have enjoyed visiting this site over several years but never posted here as I work in the industry. I stopped visiting a week or so ago when this rivalry got to be so acute. I have enjoyed reading many discussions here in the past, and what I like is the site is open-minded and open-hearted and a celebration of Robert Downey Jr's life and work. My impression is that if we see one of his films and feel disappointed for whatever reason, it's OK to say so and say why, but not to force other people to our point of view. Personally I trust Robert's judgment as to what projects serve him best and I look forward to them all. I want to commend the moderators for handling this touchy situation so well.

This is my first post here also... I have enjoyed this incredible site for some time.
RmcN, I guess some good came out of all this rivalry in that it has sparked a desire in us both to come forward and be heard As someone who has enjoyed watch Robert's work year after year, I agree in trusting his judgment in which roles suit him best. And if for some reason I were to go see a film I didn't particularly care for (has never happened) .. I at least got to enjoy seeing one of my favorite actors at work.
Thanks for letting me give my 2 cents
And Thanks to the two wonderful mods.. You have done an outstanding job with trying to keep peace. I know it's not always easy.

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