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to Elena

Hi Elena

I'm not the webmaster of this site anymore but seeing I've been a webmaster for 11 years and learned a few things along the way, there's some stuff I wanted to share with you regarding internet etiquette (so called "netiquette"). Here are a few tips you might find useful as owner of a webpage or forum:

It's considered unpolite to advertise your own webpage/forum on someone elses webpage/forum without first having asked permission, especially if your page is about the same topic. Think about it... why should the webmasters of this site pay for promoting yours? This is also written about in the forum guidelines (click link on top of this forum). The best way is to contact the webmasters and ask permission, or contact your friends privately and inform them of your page. And considering the intent of which your forum was set up (in conflict with current webmasters), the above netiquette applies even more.

When setting up a webpage or forum it's a good idea to choose your own colors and graphics to distinguish it from other websites or forums.
Unless you have permission, don't use a site header from another website. If you want to link to a site there are ususally banners and buttons for that purpose. It's also a bad idea to copy someone else in regards to colors and background graphic. Copying someone elses layout gives the impression that your page is part of the site you are copying - in this case DUF. Also, original graphics on a website are copyrighted the site owners or the original creators.

Never copy posts from other forums unless you have permission from the authors. Hopefully you did get permission - if so, it's all good.

If you want to stay friends with a site, it's a good idea to not use a mocking or sarcastic tone about that site and its members on your site - for instance like suggesting that you are "grown-ups" and "true fans" on your forum (that is understod as we are not grown-ups or true fans on this forum). Please also read my last paragraph about language.


Lastly, I wanted to comment on what made you set up your forum in the first place. Seems it is unclear to you (and perhaps others too) why the DUF owners put a stop to AGOS critic posts made by a few members, or as you call it "muted" you (which is a sarcastic way of putting it, btw).

No one is forbidden to critique RDJ movies on this board, no one has ever been forced to love all his projects and have always been free to express that in a respectful manor. The thing the webmasters objected to was the constant repeat of the critisism and in the harsh way it was sometimes expressed. Like so many before me have already said, we heard you the first time so there's no need to say it again every time someone says they liked the movie. By doing so, it can be seen as being argumentative as opposed to just sharing your (respectful) point of view. See?

I suspect, in all of this, there's also a bit of a problem with language and how we express ourselves. Personally, I sometimes find it hard to understand you and might misunderstand from time to time. When I read some of your posts I detect a mocking tone - meaning your words in themselves are polite but the way they are expressed suggests something else. Maybe you don't mean it that way and it is all due to problems with the English language. Considering this forum has members of so many nationalities, it's bound to be misunderstandings.

Best of luck with your forum!

Country Sweden

Age (opt) 50

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