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Re: to Elena


I'm very upset that you have LIED to Susanne by telling her we had an agreement. We had NO AGREEMENT about the stuff she addressed! When, I ask? WHEN did we make an agreement with you?

Im telling you AGAIN, You need to remove our banners from your website. It's against the law to use others copyrights without permission. All of which we DID NOT EVER GIVE YOU and you NEVER ASKED! You went and made your own website using our links n banners and not once did you contact me or DrSues. You stole from our boards forum and are advertising your site and using us free of charge. I was hoping by now you would have responded or come to us and asked politely for all you have already taken. Also you have copied our color format and are taking quotes from our posters. You never did ask permission for ANY OF THIS either. There have been multiple offenses.

I know even in your Russian language you UNDERSTAND what I'm saying and you know what Susanne was saying as well. Don't play dumb. Ive seen the long post you make about Roberts movies in our english language so I know you can comprehend better than what you say you can. You are a grown woman acting severely out of term. You need to fix this before it gets any more out of hand and goes any further.

And by the way, the only thing that we were in agreement with is that you were allowed to remain on our forum if you STOPPED repeatedly offending people by constantly bashing Roberts films that you didn't like. You have caused way too many problems for us and our followers and it will not be tolerated.

If you've mistaken DrSues wishing you good luck on your own forum as an agreement to steal from us you are sadly mistaken.

You will be banned AGAIN and we will report you if you continue to blatantly steal from us and the members of DUF. This ENDS NOW!


Gina Betters
Co-Owner DUF

Country USA Marina Del Rey/Hollywood

Age (opt) Roberts

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