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Re: Important Announcement from the Owners of DUF

I'd never say any word against HIM, Nina. It's fantazies of admins. They made me a only target for their activity here. God knows why.

I think admins have things to do other than MAKE YOU THE ONLY TARGET FOR THEIR ACTIVITY HERE.
Oh c'mon, please!!!
And if you feel this way, i don't get why you still hang around here. Internet is a big world.

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Re: Important Announcement from the Owners of DUF

I new to this fan site.But I have been always a very Big Fan of Robert Downey Jr. and I just love his work very very much,he is a Fantastic actor,no matter what movie he does..i always watch his movie just to see him...if the movie is bad an all...but his acting is always the best.
I could also make some list of his movies which was not up to the mark...but i will never ever,even in my dreams can utter any bad words against him.

And this is a very good fan site that i came across of Robert Downey Jr. and from now on i will be a regular viewer of this site.Keep up the good work guyz.
Thanking You
Best Wishes

Welcome to DUF Nina, My apologies for the KOOK who responded to your very innocent and sweet post. We have been working on cleaning house but unfortunately we still have some dirt that keeps reappearing. Please feel free to continue commenting on any thread that interest you. We are happy you are here with us.

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