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Re: I've got so close to him

Quote: Troy
I am so happy for you!! t must have been amazing to be able to stand right next to him and be able to talk to him.

Also, try not to think of it as being over. Many people, including some people from these very forums, have met robert numerous times, this might just be a first of many encounters between the two of you!! And you said you were an actress, who knows, you could end up in one of his movies one day.

Congratulations again!!!


Thank yo so much for your kind words. I don't kwnow if have read another replay of mine... I think I did something wrong, because I just saw it's is not on this forum.

But what I told in this replay is that I have beem living bad day after this encouter, too much admiration and too much affection condensed in too litle time and words. I know, many of his fans haven't not even seem him personally. but I garantee you, it's not a easy thing do deal with on the day after. I think I'm in shock until now.

How I told you, I'm an actress in Brasil and I work for Globo TV, one of the most imortant in the Coutry, but I've beem acting very secondary characters. I'm not famous, I don't have money and I don't catch the eyes of press - that even if we don't want to admit make all diferece in our career. Since I knew the notice thar RDJ was caming to Rio, I worked every day out to get a invitation to the premier. I wrotte a bunch of emails trying someone to help me.

And when I was noticed that a won a ticket, I was prepared to make my dream come true by myself, in having nobody to helpe me. I mean somebody who could introduce me to RDJ as an actress.

So I prepared myself try hard and even that not get the ticket and i prepared myself to got the ticket and talk with him, to introduce myself, to ask someone from Downey the staff or even to him to keep my presentation card, with all my informations, my personal site, my scene inyou tube, my pictures in theater.

And I have putted a limit to my emotional health, I've decided not to stay in front of a hotel waintg for he coming to the balcony, with a lot of fan screaming by my side. Not because I think it's ridiculous or somethin like that, but only baause I know myself and it would be so painful to me. But, in the end, I got my ticket to the premier answering a site movie quetion "What would you be albe to do to see RDJ alive?". As I wrotte talles, cronics and so on, I wrottte a beautiful answer and got the ticket by myself.

I thought that this ticket wuold allowed me to enter in the VIP roon, but it gave us a place in the red carpet, where Robert did great, he was the best and he was so nice and espended so much time with fans that I really have got suprised. Me end the others fans were waiting for him just pass by quickly and let people take some photos. But he was more and more sweet than my imagination could ever think.

And in that situation I did my best, I really talk to him, he really listened to me, look at me, saw me and answered too honest and very kind looking into my eyes. It was really a dream... but I couldn't make my deepest desire come true. what I've have prepared my self to. I could not be in the place that a lot of my colleagues (actors) were. And I could not introduce myself to him as an actress. I could not let my preentation ards with him or with some people of the staff.

And believe me I prepare myself so intensively that if a Had the oportunity I would have done it. I was strong, I was not nervous or shine. I was prepared. I would have done it if I could.

I know it is to dream to high, I know this, and I'm not complainnig about what I got that day. But I didn't have time to prepare myself so have just some minutes of contact, since I knew the scheme the my ticket allowed me to have.

Now, I'm finishing my thesis in Phylosofy and I must be concentratead on it. Still that, I'm here answering you, 'cause I still need to talk with somebody about it.

Luck me, your words give me some hope. I think I'll not give it up. But I have to give a break to my heart and to my soul. Or I'll get sick. Can I make myself clear? can you understand that? See RDJ personally the way I saw was a too strong thing to me, on the other hand a little beat frustraitng, of course not ecause of him, but 'cause my limited situation.

Thank you agaim for your message. And I really hope this might just have beem tha fisrt time of many I meet him.

I've been wachting him since a long time ago, and I too happy cause he is living a very good time. He's great and he deserves it. My deepest desire is that he keep hinself on this way, getting better and better every day.

And I really hope God allows me to became a close person of him and his beautiful family, who knows work with him.

Brasiliam movie is back. It's is not easy to get a place in it , but, it's not impossible. and It could be a good beggining.

forgive me my poor english.

see you in the forum after finish my thesis.

Country Brasil

Age (opt) 43

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