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Re: I've got so close to him

Thanks for sharing this lovely event and your determination to meet Robert Downey Jr.And its very touchy ,I must say that you were indeed lucky to meet him face to face and even had a brief conversation.
I can only dream that...and i also know that it will remain a dream forever as i will not be so lucky to meet him,because i stay in India and i don't think Robert will ever come here and i don't have enough money to come to America to see him.
So i guess I just Have to Continue Dreaming.
I am his fan from 90s..i was a kid when i saw his movie
Well in India during 90s kids like me never get to see movies at all by our parents
So i remember very clearly...i literally had to beg my dad to see a movie in TV Let aside an English movie
So one day on 5th December 1994 one of my school friend invited me to her house for lunch,and there i for the first time saw an English movie and that movie was none other than Robert's "Heart & Souls"and after watching it i instantly fell for him...and from that day on i saw all the movies of him...and seriously my friends helped me a lot in getting those movies of his.

And from those days onwards i only dreamt and dreamt of meeting him.
If i ever get a chance.

Country India

Age (opt) 30

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