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Re: I've got so close to him

That's it Nina.

Keep positve. Life is possible. Every fan who lives very far from him may think like that "I'll never see him", but it's a too sad think to think. HAve you seen Dr Sues replay to you? We never now where Robert can travel to. We always feel like the most distant fan. I used to feel this way and now I 'm feelling this way again. But people in this forum always give me support. Today I read a replay to thi post (you may rea to) from Troy. Telling me people have encounter RDJ more than once.

Of course I know it's very difernt to live in USA that is his country and live abroad, like you and me in Brasil and India... But, I never though tha he could one day in life visit Brasil. So Why not India?

I wish you good lucky. Stay togheter in this site. It's a great support to fans.

Love this site
Love all of you
Love Downey Family... bigger today.

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Re: I've got so close to him

Ya Thankz Ana
Like i said i never stop dreaming...
and i will try my best to somehow reach him once in my life.And yes I pray to god that atleast once he comes to my country too.
Thankz a bunch on your support

Country India

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