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Re: Finding your roots

I really hope so Judy! =D

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Re: Finding your roots

There is an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are" (says it is new) on tonight (Fri) with Marisa Tomei. Loved the show last season. I wonder if they have just changed the name or if this is a totally new show. It will be interesting anyway. Robert's ancestry will be most interesting I'm sure.
I would love to have mine done....from what I have found I have a few interesting characters in my past. I think we all do!!

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Re: Finding your roots

They're two different programs - "Who Do You Think You Are" follows one celebrity conducting their own genealogy research. On PBS's "Finding Your Roots" Professor Henry Louis Gates does the research, and meets with the celebrities' periodically to share his findings. (This is why Robert signed up - he said he couldn't imagine finding time to do it himself, with a new baby.)

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Re: Finding your roots

I love these type of shows, but can't seem to find it on my local xfinity listings. I love Harry Connick too, so I will be sure to watch him as well.