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Re: RDJ sighting

Qué suerte, Laura! Tenerlo tan cerca y poderlo ver. Estoy planeando un viaje a Los Ángeles para ver si puedo conocerlo, es mi sueño. Ojala pueda cumplirlo como vos.

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Re: RDJ sighting

That's so exciting!!! I can only dream of meeting him as I am so far away :(

I was hoping he would be at TIFF but he did not have a movie showing and I don't think he will be there this year either. It is probably the only way I will ever meet him since we never get any movie premiers here unless they are for TIFF.

I wish I lived in Malibu and not just for the weather!! :)Although if I ever do see him I will probably be too scared to say anything and just stare longingly from a far like a crazy person ;) lol

I am not surprised if he is tired poor thing! My cousin just had a baby and they are thrilled but get no sleep at all!!!

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Re: RDJ sighting

Apparently he frequents the CVS pharmacy in Malibu for those of you interested. I just met him this evening. He seems like an amiable guy.

I feel sorry for him, being hounded by paparazzi. He looked tired and worn out. I just shook his hand and told him I enjoy his movies. I didn't want to bother him for an autograph or picture.
Very cool! Have you met with him before? Yeah, I wouldn't have bothered him too much, esp if he seemed tired and worn out

Re: RDJ sighting

OMG i think i would die if i would meet him Oo
LUCKY YOU :) Thats sooooooo cooool :)

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Re: RDJ sighting

Wow....!That is awesome....U saw Him and he even shook ur hand.U r soooooooo Lucky.
I can only dream tht and even in my dream i if ever come face to face with him ,i think i will get stoned,and will not able to talk at all..


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Re: RDJ sighting

he probably is tired and worn out..... lol...

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Re: RDJ sighting

That's funny because I saw some pictures of him in a CVS today and I was thinking to myself what I'd do if I turned an aisle and saw him standing there, my conclusion was I'd drop whatever I had in my arms and turn the other way and slowly walk out of there. I'd never have the courage to walk up to him in a situation like that LOL. That's great you met him though, luck of the gods, definitely! And you were so thoughtful and calm, I'm sure he appreciated that.