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Re: Why is he skipping the red carpet all the time now?

Quote: RDJ4ever
I think it's natural he is skipping the red carpets. At the Golden Globes Susan was very pregnant and was the #1 priority and now he has a new born son at home. It is really hard to get out with a new baby at home and parents are always reluctant to leave them for lengthy periods of time.

Also, it is very tiring to have a new baby so the last thing a new parent wants to do is spend hours on the red carpet giving interviews in front of hundreds of flashing lights.

I was surprised he was there at all and it never occurred to me that he would do the red carpet.

You hit the nail on the head. Babies are EXHAUSTING.....even if you have people helping you, it just becomes your entire world for a while, caring for this new little creature. So I was not surprised at all that they didn't do the red carpet. I would have been super surprised if Susan HAD been there.

It's definitely a joyful time, but also so exhausting and draining and all-consuming. And physically Susan may still be recovering. Maybe this is TMI, but it was WEEKS before I could walk comfortably after my son was born. It does a number on your body. Sheesh. People expect a woman to just pop back up and get back to normal, but that is really easier said than done.

I'm sure we will see more of Robert when it's time to promote Avengers. In the meantime, I'm sure he's enjoying time with his baby boy as much as possible.

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