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Re: New Avengers Trailer here

DrSues (Administrator)
I think the objection was not to the content of the posts so much as it was to the belligerent tone.

Thank you, Judy! Quite right! That and the fact that the critics opinion was stated repeatedly over and over and over again. That was what really bothered me!

Same here! Tiring... or in Roberts words: BORING

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Re: New Avengers Trailer here

Sorry, ladies. I just saw the trailer. I don't judge a movie by its trailer but what I saw was enough for me to form an opinion about it. This Michael Bay type movie is not for me. There is nothing to look forward to this year. I just found that some RDJ fans didn't like the Sherlock Holmes sequel. I'll be honest with you. It was also a disappointment for me. In the original, he is recognisably Holmes, but he is way off in A Game of Shadows. In the sequel, he is more like James Bond in Victorian clothes than Sherlock Holmes. I read comments about his movie choices. I agree he is wasting his talent. This post will probably be deleted but I don't care. I read the moderator's DUF announcement. Why should I 'celebrate' his work? As a poster said, the new moderators made it a 'crime' to dislike one of his movies or his franchises. On this board, you must only post positive comments about his work. You must have the same opinions as the other posters. If you criticise his recent work you will be treated like a pariah and be excluded from this community. So much for ' Everybody is entitled to their opinion'. This board is only for like-minded RDJ fans. It is not a forum where people can express different views and debate no matter how devoted they are to the actor. I am very disappointed with this lack of tolerance. I was going to come back here but this attitude put me off.
You are going to say it is not my board and I have no say in how it should be run. Yes, you have a point. You pay for it and, of course, how you will run it is up to you. My point is your announcement doesn't sound nice or welcoming. I can see why some people have left since you took over.

Dearest Valerie,
IF that actually is your name! (Doubtful!)
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this board. As long as it is expressed respectfully. And ONCE! There is never a need to repeat one opinion over and over as if it is the only one that matters.
This current post is once again FULL of sentences that have been used before repeatedly. Can you not come up with any new and original thoughts?
Also, Gina and I feel it is nothing but a coward who would post a huge criticism and not include either an email address or where you are located. You are obviously ashamed for all to know who you really are.

THIS post will be the ONLY one that is directed at you from either Gina or myself. If you are belligerent in your response, those posts will be deleted.

Lastly – there are many, many places on the Internet to hang out. If you don’t like DUF……you know what to do!

Sorry, to all other members, that you have to go through this again!
DrSues & GinaB

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