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The Avengers Premiere- Banner Ideas? Mini contest!

Hey everyone! It's March and we're already less than 2 months away from The Avengers movie release date, can you believe that? Almost as exciting as the movie itself though is the premiere they always hold before the release (which I'm assuming is pretty much set to be in LA?)

As you know, every year a premiere is held for one of Robert's movies, some of our members prepare a banner and manage to make it over there to tape on to the barricades and support him (and hopefully manage to give him a good laugh or a big smile). Why don't you say we help them out with some banner ideas? Let's set the limit to around 10 words/drawings and try to think of something catchy! If possible, aim for it to be mainly Robert related since that's who we all (I'm sure) mostly support (although they're all great actors! I know I'm definitely a fan of a few of them).

Let's try to think of something up within the next 2 weeks, Monday the 19th? Unless someone blasts everyone away with an incredible idea before then!

As a little thank you, whoever thinks up the best, wittiest idea to turn into a banner (besides the actual banner being made out of your idea, which is already awesome!) I'll mail a little surprise keychain to you myself. If the idea chosen is two peoples ideas put into one, or three people's ideas etc., I'll mail each of you the same little surprise.

Can't wait to hear some of your ideas guys, start thinking!

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