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Re: OH MY GOD Heart and Souls!

Yes it has become my obssesion this week I even downloaded a video of the walk like a man part and put it in mi Ipod hahaha I'm going to watch the movie till I can't anymore XD (I don't know how that is going to happen)

Well...Heart & Souls is an obsession to ME coz thats the first ever English movie that i saw in my birthday back in 90's and fell madly in LOVE with Robert ever since.
I dont believe i can ever get bore watching it as i like saw this movie 1000 times until now( lost track of count)
He was AWESOME....all the character he played being Penny,Milo,Julia ....and the songs..walk like a man,and the national anthem.
I just loved the part in the boardroom.

wow that is a real nice memory i wished i would have fallen in love with robert long ago but hey! It is never too late

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Re: OH MY GOD Heart and Souls!

Heart & Souls is THE movie that made me love Robert, too! I always admired him! Thought he was a wonderful actor!
But I too have watched H&S many, many times....And it still makes me cry every time! At the end, when they are in the rain, and she makes him promise to go to his girl.....And then they can touch!!!!!!Gets me every time! aaahhhhhh! Love it!

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