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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012

hi there!

i know that i have not got the awesome dorm room that you have but i am working on it!

my sister says that i should not put them up as i am too old for that kind of thing.

on the one hand, i do not want to have people think i a sad person who is a freak but on the other hand i think that i am old enough to say i can do what i want to do and display whatever i want.

any way, i have got plenty of posters, giant ones of robert in sherlock holmes 1 and 2 as well as purchasing film mounted displays with stamp cells as well as two photos on each. i have bought the sherlock holmes ones and am purchasing iron man 1 and iron man 2. i am also purchasing the avengers. i have asked the maker to concentrate on robert.

i really wish i could get someone to give me the instructions as to how to upload the photos to show what i do have. i would like to show you what exactly what i do own. would like to put them out as it is such a waste to hide them away. would like to share them with you all.


Country Australia

Age (opt) still feel 18

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