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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012

Very nice decoration, Alexa!

What a great Dorm. I love the body Pillow the most. The picture is perfect.

I was a little embarrassed when I got this blanket as a gift from someone who knows me TOO WELL. None the less I still LOVE IT!!! It was of great comfort when I had the flu. Oh, and did I mention its the softest blanket I have ever felt.


Wow, that's a blanket!!! I bet it's soft!

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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012

Awesome dorm room!

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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012

hi there!

i know that i have not got the awesome dorm room that you have but i am working on it!

my sister says that i should not put them up as i am too old for that kind of thing.

on the one hand, i do not want to have people think i a sad person who is a freak but on the other hand i think that i am old enough to say i can do what i want to do and display whatever i want.

any way, i have got plenty of posters, giant ones of robert in sherlock holmes 1 and 2 as well as purchasing film mounted displays with stamp cells as well as two photos on each. i have bought the sherlock holmes ones and am purchasing iron man 1 and iron man 2. i am also purchasing the avengers. i have asked the maker to concentrate on robert.

i really wish i could get someone to give me the instructions as to how to upload the photos to show what i do have. i would like to show you what exactly what i do own. would like to put them out as it is such a waste to hide them away. would like to share them with you all.


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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012

Scan them into your computer and upload them. Or are they too big for the scanner?

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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012

Awesome!! Im going to get a few more pics for my room from my friends!!

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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012

Loving these pictures! Your room is awesome, Alexa.

Gina--I am LOVING that blanket! It's perfect!

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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012

Thanks guys! :)

Truth be told, this whole thing started out as three pictures, then my college friends told me to get more. Once the board was filled up, they pressured me into getting the pillow case, the blanket, and everything else Robert. Now they tease me because apparently i sleep with him every night, haha.



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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012

Sounds like they just wanted to look at those pictures themselves....LOL. (And who can blame them?)

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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012

Wow...!Awesome Dorm....

I have all the pictures of him that u have put in the board, a little bigger though

But one thing that made me go, is the little technology stuff that i put in ....a mini projector that plays all of his masterpieces all over my ceiling....

well that cost me a fortune and lots of criticism from my parents....but i give a damm about it
Anything for my love RDJ...

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Re: O/T: Updated Room 2012


I updated the picture! :) I know my body pillow looks a little flat (i guess i cuddled too hard with it). The other mini pillow case is somewhere in the room, and the blanket is still there! The poster at the center top is that one poster from Sherlock Holmes with just a pillow hiding everything (got it from a friend for Secret Santa). He was tapped to the ceiling but gravity and duct tape did not like each other, so i had to move it :(.


Where did you get the body pillow? that is really neat

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