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Re: Avengers Premiere in Hollywood

I had a feeling you weren't allowed to camp out. I will definitely get in touch with them to know for sure, at what time can people start lining up for the arrival of the celebrities. Gina, have you ever been to a premiere there?

Re: Avengers Premiere in Hollywood

Ive been to all of Roberts premieres since I moved to California. Ive been to other movie premiers, Walk Of Fame ceremonies and many red carpet events. They are all different and the set ups can be tricky. You just have to feel it out and go with your gut on where you should be.

As for a time, it all depends on when they start setting up. People get there sometimes a couple hours before the red carpet arrivals begin or way earlier in the day.

We will all be there in matching distressed red Avengers shirts. There is about 12 of us so you cant miss us in the crowd if you go. We will be there with huge smiles representing DUF!!

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Re: Avengers Premiere in Hollywood

Thank you so much, Gina! You're amazing! :)

You just gave me so much confidence, you have no idea! lol. I will definitely go and if I see you guys, I'll work up the courage to go and say HI to you all. I'm a huge RDJ fan as well! I hope I can get close to him!

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Re: Avengers Premiere in Hollywood

The last email was much more encouraging than the first. It seemed like it would not be worth taking a trip to the theater at all. Do you only stay to see everyone arrive on the red carpet, or is it possible or even better to wait until the movie is over? I want to check it out, but wouldn't be able to get there until 6:30 or 7.

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Re: Avengers Premiere in Hollywood

Hi Gabby,
Do you normally only stay for the red carpet or until the movie is over? I might be heading over after work with a friend but wont make it for red carpet

Re: Avengers Premiere in Hollywood

Hi, Monica. Well, I'll be there before 10 AM...I'm not sure how the red carpet is gonna work, I'm just going on my gut feeling. :) LOL. Crazy, I know! I'm willing to take that risk!

As far as staying after the movie, no...I don't plan on waiting that long. I just wanna see the red carpet arrivals...and then I'm going home. :)

Hope that helps! And hope you can make it!

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Re: Avengers Premiere in Hollywood

To the Premiere in LA for Avengers!!

Have a FanTAStic time!!!! Give Robert a "High 5" from me! Wish I could be with you in the flesh....but I am there in spirit!

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